Great realistic Article on why vacationers should not utilize VRBO/HOMEAWAY



   To me its all a simple generic formula about  the real "value "   to the consumer and is  based on what the consumer  experience is with the quality of the experience  with the vacation property  and its owner.   None of the existing platforms   in the vacation rentals market offer this "complete" experience.   Your vacation  experience is at risk when paying high  commissions to an Internet based rental  platform that is not even fully transparent  and does it best in background Software processing to fully  PREVENT interaction with the owner of the property . They do this as they understand the  actual true value to the consumer is in this relationship  and dialogue.    

The same argument applies to the Owners... The annual subscription fees( some don't even charge an annual fee but you are placed at bottom of their search engine algorithms. There is no value and your property may be placed at risk  since you have no knowledge of who, how many, the guests are. The level or ability to develop two-way trust is totally removed.

For any property owners that want to eliminate their dependence on these platforms  feel free to contact  me and I can provide  you  free experience guidance on how to do just that.   I still do maintain my free airbnb platform but I only use that platform for what I call additional "Straggler" reservations in my OFF-SEASON.


All of the rental platforms do their best with behind the scenes processing to prevent this owner/vacationer relationship.  You , and the owners are not  allowed any dialogue with each other whatsoever.  As such ,  your experience with the property property and your vacation is a roll of the die.


Here are my own reasons with 21 years experience as an owner and an original  www.vacationrentals.com customer in 2001 , when they were a startup and also the first portal in the Internet vacation rentals industry .  I was Beta tester for them and provided them feedback into feature functionality sets needed for customers and owners alike. 


Note that www.vacationrentals.com got absorbed by HomeAway in 2017 . At that time , due to significant price increases and removal of functionality I researched and decided to build my own functional site with my own controls . 

Also  note  that listing  costs went up from $50.00( full functions) in 2002 to $500.00(   restricted functions) in 2017 for a single listing.   My current annual costs which include ownership of my own domain name is about $275.00 but I can have as many listings as I wish and unlimited  photos/videos/galleries, etc. with complete controls.   Most importantly  I can interact and communicate freely and directly with with my customers. This communication is what the newer companies totally RESTRICT for both parties.  The experience is now totally impersonable   and because of that there is also considerable "quality risk"  with that removal of  the human experience. .

 COST:   To Both Owners and vacationer these folks are expensive.  I like to understand  the value of those costs and when the value is close  to ZERO  based on what I determine  as Value( all folks have a different idea of value but typically $$ is a component parameter within) then it tells me to stay away and  


      Owners-  Their model Charges all Owners for annual subscription fees now approaching $500.00 or more per listing. The only way for an owner to cover these annual overhead costs is to increment their vacation pricing.  


     Vacationers-  Their model charges the vacationers upwards of commission on the gross sales prices . Note that there is absolutely  no value in customer services  as these platforms have ZERO relationships with the owners. The owners  themselves are subscription customers these platforms



  DATA MINING-   These platforms data mine your interactions with them and present advertisements to yourself during your online experience. You don't even have to purchase anything .   They are incrementing their revenues by presenting you with advertisements relevant to where you are  located, what you are looking for via "clicks" .

    In addition more advanced AI ( artificial  intelligence) methods involves "listening" to conversations you may be having and then decoding those conversations (live processing) to present you with advertising.    You  may mention something like "snowblower " or  " beach" in a background audible conversation and then advertisements of such will start to appear in your browser.      Remember that Input microphones DEFAULT mode on ALL devices is  ALWAYS on . The  AI is also becoming  language independent as well.   I am network Cloud  Architecture  by profession since the origins of the Internet so understand all of these technologies as well.




     Please contact me on my CELL:  1-617-838-4302.

     "Processed " Reservation deposits are required to reserve the properties on the calendar.   Please check the calendar for availability.  I  do keep the reservation calendar up to date.  I will typically  respond to all inquiries and questions within less than 4  hours.    

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