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        The cottage is perfectly located  on the beach side  to the center of Ocean Park(OP)  and is just steps  to both the beach and the quaint and distinctive Ocean Park, Maine  Town Center that is at the very fabric of the Ocean Park family experience.  .   

       The cottage has just completed full interior and exterior renovations which includes a new kitchen re-configuration, high quality appliances, stone( Quartz) counter tops, custom cabinetry,  new high quality furnishings, etc.   


               Unlike the condo rental accommodations and Association rules ,   I am able to  provide a cookout grill and outdoor picnic bench with seating area.

       Linens are NOT provided by default but can still be professionally and readily arranged for with door to door service if needed.   Weekly Fee includes weekly cleaning (Saturdays) at turnover by contractor.    Unit is rented Saturday to Saturday .   In the off-peak season schedules we can possibly provide two parking spaces depending on the schedule and out own visitors to our main home.    There is a 3-Day minimal bookings requirement during all of the off seasons.  Weekly rentals are required during the peak season.     Multi-Week discounts can be provided or pre-arranged.


          NOTE: Please be extremely careful of internet scammers as they may attempt to replicate this site information( or any site for that matter)  within other web sites.    "ALWAYS"  Contact me via email and then phone  before arranging for payment/reservation deposits, etc.  My payment clearing procedures and policies along with verification(s) involving my direct interaction have prevented scamming activities with my rentals since 2002 when I first listed a rental on the web.  



          The Condo is perfectly situated  on the Old Orchard Beach oceanfront  approximately 250 plus yards beach walking North from the pier. Far enough away from the action filled town center but also close enough ( 5 minute walk) when you wish to venture to the vibrant atmosphere( whether as a family or an adult night life out.)   No vehicle is necessary to enjoy all of the entertainment and action that the OOB town center provides.  Two private ocean front deeded parking spaces are provided with the condo.  The parking spots alone are closer to the front than any of the motel rooms for rent on the beach.  Other larger condo complexes near the center of town offer satellite shuttle parking and they are not at all insulated from the crowd and amusement noises typical within the OOB  town center.  

          The condo was fully renovated in 2014 with stone counter tops, updated appliances(glass top stove) , cherry maple cabinetry, new bathroom,  Brazilian Hardwood flooring in kitchen and common areas ,  high quality furnishings.  Ocean front Deck is 12 ft x 15 ft and a large table for four.   Note that most of the condos in this area(and even in the association) still maintain their original 1986 style of appliances and furnishings.  There was a large condo boom in OOB back in the 1980's and most of those condos have not been updated since. 

          Weekly servicing( Saturdays) are included in the pricing.   Linens are not provided but should they be  required they can be readily arranged with a professional linens services company that provides these services door to door with online services ordering.    Rentals are weekly in the Peak Season and run Saturday to Saturday.     May/October/November reservation stays are flexible with 3 night minimum stay.  There is an on-site coin operated laundry center located within the condo facility. 


          Email/phone referrals can be arranged with actual customers upon requests.  I have a loyal repeat client list for the last 20 years.


          NOTE: Please be extremely careful of internet scammers as they may attempt to replicate this site information( or any site for that matter)  within other web sites.   In 2019 there  have been numerous false reservations via the website.    . 


Always   contact my direct phone  before arranging payment/reservation deposits, etc. and then we can arrange for additional verification safeguarding methods of choice.   My reservation procedures ,etc. have eliminated the scammers since I started marketing but I have witnessed other owners/customers within even this association be scammed via craigslist duplication  schemes, and other methods so do be diligent and savvy with potential scamming operations when planning your vacation. 

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